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Midweek MemeWar Update

βœ…Verified (The Most Verified Account “Ever”)

This tells a personal account and some are claiming true and accurate story. For those that were there and #member the 2016 – 2017 Great Meme War.

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We’ve begun implementing the green verified checkmarks so that we know who is and is not a native kekistani. Use it if you feel you are surrounded by Cucks…

We have media passes available if anyone needs. Ever since CNN proclaimed to the land that viewing Wikileaks is Illegal unless you certified… They’ll just need to apply for it with the Kek compliance department or by messaging @kekistannews @kekistaninews – Groypers tend to muddy this process up but they are welcome to apply.

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We are launching an all out Meme Jihad on Pinterest for their inhumane treatment of Kekistani natives. They’re slowly moving to complete mass genocide of all kekistani and we fear history will be rewritten to show that they didn’t use “hate speech” as a way to mass silence and abuse people.

Washington DC = Circular Reasoning

Big Tech = Circular Reasoning


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Kek = Plentiful Reasoning


How many people read the terms and conditions when they are signing up for something on the internet? Probably like less than .0001% and even the person that reads it still doesn’t know what the hell it means.

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Terms and Conditions

We’re developing a “Terms and Conditions” front end package that may be the solution for the plague brought about by the normies, but we will release at a more appropriate date and time at an undisclosed location. But I’ll let the kek insiders know whats up… of course.

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P.S. You must see… This Russian chick who was posting very below average memes and having to pay for their reach on social media. She paid millions for low rate memes to work thinking that they ever mattered in the first place… She was just arrested by the folks that believe their own made up bullshit. Just a giant echo chamber. Bunch of dumbass cucks in DC and PinSuck driving us right back into another Meme Jihad.

The fact the FBI and DOJ think they can pin the production and distribution of memes on just a few foreign individuals just speaks to the level of normie of c.uckholdry that risen in the land!


The Great Meme War Ends

Stay safe and strong out there fellow Keistani… our oppression will one day come to an end. Don’t let the oppression be a depression when you can drive meme impressions! – Phill Crapidy words to live by. Dr. Crapidy practically built the memetics department at Kekistan Unviersty

May Kek Be With You…. Shadilay!


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